Travel Procurement 411 Outline

NBTA CCTE Course Outline for Travel Procurement 411

Sunday, August 23rd in San Diego

Here’s what we’ll be doing in this six-hour session:

Introductions and Groupings

The delegates will be seated into 4-8 groups of 5-7 people per group, such that each group has a mix of buyers and suppliers (assuming that there will be at least a few suppliers in the room).

Travel Policies: I’ll present key elements and their implications for supplier negotiations.  15 minutes, including group discussion.

Relationships and Reputations: Delegates will be chosen to debate the question “Do reputations and relationships still matter?”  I’ll provide examples for both sides of the debate.  About 20 minutes.

Sourcing Air, Hotel, Car and TMCs:

Each of the four core category topics  (Air, Hotel, TMC and Car) will be covered using this format:

Theory: Key elements and best practices, powerpoint slides and comments.

Practice: Each group will then work together to discuss their recent experiences using this format:

Topic Worked Great Needed  Improvement Worth Trying
Project Management
Data  and RFP Prep
Bid Analysis
Senior Management
Award Decisions
Supplier Communication

I’ll provide starter questions for each of the topics, such as: How was your team organized?  What skills were needed?  How did your TMC help – or hinder – your efforts? How did you go about evaluating quality differences?  To what extent did your travelers get involved in the sourcing process?

Groups are NOT expected to complete the entire table.  Rather, each group will be asked to come up with 3-5 items – ones they feel strongly about in whatever part of the table applies.

Each group will summarize and present their findings.  If there are more than 4 or 5 teams, some teams may not get to present their findings, but we’ll capture their comments.

Each topic (Air, Hotel, Car and TMC) will take roughly one hour – 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 45 minutes of team work and reporting to the full group.

After the Deal is Done: My summary of best practices for tracking savings and working with suppliers to ensure continued savings, followed by group discussion. 20-30 minutes.

Wrap Up: Each delegate will be asked to think about their future sourcing projects,  and write comments on sticky notes describing “What’s Needed” or “I’ll Try”.  These comments will then be posted on a wall for all to see.  After the group reviews the comments, I’ll lead a wrap-up discussion covering the themes expressed in these notes.

Note: this session agenda has been proposed to NBTA, but may be modified.  If so, I’ll post the changes here.

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