Canceled Meetings – Brilliant Idea?

File this under two headings: “Why didn’t anybody think of this before?” and “Tell my meetings managers about these guys!” sure caught my eye at the NBTA show earlier this week. Hotel industry veteran Tim Brooks founded this firm to create a market for canceled meetings.  If you’ve ever been hit by a cancellation clause in a meeting contract, you’ll appreciate this service.

I’ll interview Tim next week and provide more details afterwards, but for now, here’s how it seems to work:  If you need to cancel a meeting, you can list the details on the MeetingTrader website, similar to listing a home for sale.  If you’re looking for a cost effective place to have a meeting, you can browse the available cancellations.  The hotel is aware of the listing, and will work with potential buyers to fill all or part of the canceled meeting.  Seller gets some cost relief, buyer gets a cheaper meeting…seems like a good deal all around.

Stay tuned for more details next week.  Meanwhile, if you know of any similar service, or have any thoughts or questions, pop a post up here.

1 thought on “Canceled Meetings – Brilliant Idea?

  1. Great concept but you’d need a professional to execute this.

    I have been helping clients with this over the past few years. The results have been great.

    Francine Fyne
    CEO, Meetings Global Inc.

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