Slides from “Travel Procurement 411″

We had a great CCTE session at the NBTA conference this week.  Many thanks to Roger Hale and his terrific staff from AdTrav, who sponsored and helped facilitate the workshop. Fifty-five folks contributed to an engaging day-long session.  We covered a lot of ground, all related to travel procurement and getting senior management support for stronger travel policies.

You can see or download the slides we used here: Part 1 and Part 2. Each file is in PowerPoint 2003, and each is nearly 8MB in size.

2 thoughts on “Slides from “Travel Procurement 411″

  1. Hi Scott! I’m having trouble sending messages in LinkedIn. Java settings and some problems on their side too. Anyway, I wanted your slide deck from 411, and the NBTA didn’t post them where they’re easily found (not with the Mon-Wed course decks.) So, found it here! Thanks. These are a great start for exec “training.” If you think of it, send your v-card to my personal address included in this message. Hope to see you soon! John

    • Hi John, Thanks for the kind words about our class! It was a lot of fun, and I really appreciated your contributions to the discussions. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch!

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