The Israeli Army Knife of Self-Booking Tools

You know those Swiss Army knives?  The ones that have 3 different knife blades, two screwdrivers, pliers, a fork, spoon and tweezers, all in one casing?  Well, I found the Israeli equivalent in the self-booking tool category.  Atriis is the tool’s name.  In addition to online self-booking, it includes:

  • Offline travel agency booking requests
  • Non-GDS content integration (SwaBiz, HRS)
  • Pre-trip approval
  • Agency invoice integration
  • Common currency translation
  • Policy compliance reporting
  • Expense reporting
  • Integrated data reporting (including budget to actual comparisons)
  • ERP data integration

It might also brew a killer espresso, but if so, I missed that!

The tool is targeted to small corporate accounts – those with $1-5 million in annual air spend.  Atriis Technologies, the Israeli-based developer, says 30% of its clients are in the U.S. (50% are in Israel, 20% Rest of World).  Yossi Zukerman, VP of Sales, says that four U.S. travel agencies have signed up to distribute the tool, but I have not verified this.

Atriis Technologies is a subsidiary of Amsalem Business Travel, one of Israel’s largest travel agencies.  The firm claims 30 developers, with offices in the U.S., UK, Turkey and Israel.

My overall impression of the tool: Capable, very focused on controlling costs, but somewhat clunky in its user interfaces.  You should draw your own conclusions, of course.  For a U.S.-based demo you can contact:

Roy Gal, VP Business Development at +1 (973) 741-6122 or at

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