Leveraging Travel Data: 3 Examples

The good folks at ITM hosted the education session “Sweating The Numbers”, in which three of us gave examples of how to leverage travel data.  The slides I presented are here.  They show how to progress from ordinary hotel data to actionable clusters.

James Westgarth, formerly Airbus‘s head of travel management, showed how he used a variety of travel data to pinpoint cost savings in expense reimbursements and airfare negotiations.

Charles Williams at PI Benchmarking showed how his firm’s data integration and reporting tool could be used to track compliance and identify high-cost non-compliant travelers.  You can see Charle’s set of slides here on ITM’s website, and listen to the audio recording of the speakers’ narration here.

MeetingTrader’s Fix for Canceled Meetings

Got a canceled meeting on your hands?  Want to recover some of your deposit and cancellation fees?  Thanks to MeetingTrader, you now have a better chance of saving some money.  I spoke with Tim Brooks, the firm’s Founder and CEO, to get a better handle on just how this works.  It’s early – the MeetingTrader site goes live today – but I like what I heard.  This is a site that your meeting planners should get to know. Continue reading