Cutting Taxi Costs and CO2

You’re in a long line outside an airport, waiting for a taxi and wondering how many people in front of you are going to the same place.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pair up?  Save time, money and reduce carbon emissions – what’s not to like about that idea?

Well, there are a handful of websites that will help you do just that.  The one that first caught my eye is Taxi2 (  Your travelers can use it to find share-ride partners before a flight, or on the spot in the baggage area or taxi line.  It’s in beta mode,and does not yet have a mobile app, so expect it to get better with time.  It’s a co-venture with Virgin Atlantic Airways, and is currently free.

Other websites that help find shared taxi or limo riders are:

  • Cab Easy – Less airport-specific, more urban areas.  Global in concept.
  • Hitchsters – Limos, not taxis. Serves the NYC and San Francisco airports
  • Ride Amigos – Ride-sharing in many forms.  Offers corporate programs.

Taxis are nearly impossible to source, so if you’re looking for ground-based savings, shared-ride services can make sense.  Yes, security is a question.  Each of these firms addresses the issue to some extent.    If you’re concerned about security, perhaps you could try a service like Ride Amigos where your employees agree to share rides only with fellow employees.

Or if you’re looking at a bigger picture, maybe you can use a service like Goose Networks to set up a car-pooling program for your entire employee base.  One way or the other, there’s help out there for controlling ground transport costs.

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