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Naked Airfares: Price, Quality and Value Revealed

Here’s a great way to see the full value picture when your travelers are shopping for airfares: InsideTrip calculates a trip quality score for each flight that you’re considering. It factors in a dozen elements covering the itinerary’s speed, comfort … Continue reading

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Three Myths About Sourcing Airlines – Part 3

(This wraps up the 3-part series.  See Part 1 on consortia buying here, and Part 2 on pre-paying here) Forget About Those Frequent Flier Miles Frequent flier miles add cost to the airfares your firm buys.  And yes, firms have … Continue reading

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Three Myths About Sourcing Airlines – Part 2

(See Part 1 in this series here) Why Buying in Bulk Doesn’t Work Bulk buying (a.k.a. pre-paying) makes sense for many commodities, but not airfares.  Why? Because it’s complex and expensive. It’s Complex Let’s say you want to bulk-buy $1 … Continue reading

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Three Myths About Sourcing Airlines – Part 1

Given that air travel is typically a large spend item for most companies, it makes sense for procurement folks to attack it with extra energy and creativity.  Here are three ideas that often come up: Consolidate air spend across a … Continue reading

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Suppliers Must Prove Value

Here’s my take on what suppliers need to do differently when competing for your business.  (This first appeared as an Op-Ed piece in Business Travel News on Nov. 16th) In these tough times, buyers are extracting favorable pricing across the … Continue reading

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Airline Eye Candy

Here’s a cool 1-minute video that shows global flight traffic in a 24-hour period.  Note the movement of daylight from right to left, and how flight volumes change accordingly.  It gives you a quick appreciation for where the traffic is … Continue reading

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Review: AirPlus Data Reporting Tool

Credit card data is not the best source for airline sourcing projects.  I’ve said this for a long time (for example, here), but was challenged (nicely) by Jacques Lionnet at AirPlus to take a fresh look at AIM, the AirPlus … Continue reading

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Most Popular Reads for Nov. ’09

Here are last month’s most popular posts.  Three of them deal with innovation in the travel industry.  Two deal with travel data, and two have that magic word “free” in the title.  Just when I thought my content was getting … Continue reading

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