Naked Airfares: Price, Quality and Value Revealed

Here’s a great way to see the full value picture when your travelers are shopping for airfares:

InsideTrip calculates a trip quality score for each flight that you’re considering. It factors in a dozen elements covering the itinerary’s speed, comfort and ease.  Even better, travelers can select only those factors that matter to them.

See the big numbers on the right-side of the web page?  Those are the TripQuality scores.  You can use them to sort your flight options, or sort by price, departure time, etc.

This site is, to my knowledge, the first to factor in the quality dimension of airfare purchases.  With price and a quality score, it is now much easier to see differentiated value.

Not Yet Integrated with Booking Tools

Surprisingly, no travel agency or corporate booking tool has integrated these trip scores into their offerings.  Dave Pelter, InsideTrip’s CEO, says discussions are going well with a couple of large agencies, so stay tuned for future partnership announcements.

How might travel managers use these scores?  Larger managed travel programs have at least two preferred airlines.  These airlines expect buyers to deliver agreed-upon market shares in their city pairs.  Seems to me that a booking tool could use these scores to help travelers pick between competing preferred airlines. Buyers could – should –  use poor-scoring flights to explain why market share goals weren’t met.

Negotiating on Value

At a higher level, buyers could make use of these quality scores in contract negotiations.  This isn’t a service that InsideTrip offers today, but Dave agrees that it would be a straightforward calculation.  Imagine scoring all of your flights for the last six months and sharing the overall average with your airline suppliers.

Come to think of it, maybe the airlines should bring these scores to the negotiating table.  After all, it’s the airlines who are complaining about being treated as a commodity.  InsideTrip does a great job of adding the vital dimension of quality into the picture in an easy, neutral and fact-based way.

For more information, contact Dave Pelter at or at +1 630 935 0276 Pacific Time (InsideTrip is based in Seattle).

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