Savings Metrics, Rat Farms and KPIs Gone Bad

Decades ago, goes the story*,  the French colonialists grew tired of the rat population in Hanoi.  So the French offered a bounty on dead rats.  What happened?  The industrious Vietnamese began raising rats.

Therein lies the trouble with metrics.  Be careful what you measure.  And what metric is more important than savings in the procurement world?

You’d think that such a basic word as savings would have a pretty well-agreed definition – especially when the S word is the focal point of just about every RFP process.  Unfortunately, there are very big differences in how buyers define and measure savings.  Let’s have a look at the slightly satirical implications for travel procurement. Continue reading

Go to Some Good Conferences!

No question, I’m a fan of education and networking in the travel industry.  It’s hard to beat the value we get from the better conferences out there.  If you’re looking to improve your travel, meetings or procurement practices, then you should definitely attend some of these industry-oriented events.  Here are two that I’m attending in the next few weeks: Continue reading

Service Standards for Travel Suppliers?

A travel manager in Canada recently asked me for a set of standards that she might use in her Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with her contracted travel suppliers.  I had to admit that not only did I not have any templates, but I wasn’t even sure where she might look.  I took a quick look on the NBTA and ACTE sites, but didn’t see anything.  (If I missed something, please let me know.)

Today, Dennis Bailey (thank you!) sent me this notice of a tender from the Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM).  ITM are addressing the need for service metrics head-on. Bully for them!

Service standards are Continue reading

Most Popular Reads of 2009

This blog’s most popular posts involved innovation, fighting words, myths and data sources.  Not quite sure what this topical variety tells me about the direction I should take with this travel management blog in 2010, but stay tuned! (Sign up here for immediate delivery of new articles via e-mail)

The most-read posts in 2009: Continue reading