Most Popular Reads of 2009

This blog’s most popular posts involved innovation, fighting words, myths and data sources.  Not quite sure what this topical variety tells me about the direction I should take with this travel management blog in 2010, but stay tuned! (Sign up here for immediate delivery of new articles via e-mail)

The most-read posts in 2009:

Trippy – Tomorrow’s Biz Trip Planning Tool covers a mash-up between Google’s Wave and Lonely Planet that makes for a cool interactive planning experience. Use your imagination to see how it applies to business trips.

Travel Procurement’s Fighting Words tackles the typical prejudices held by travel managers about their procurement colleagues – and what to do about it.

Future Innovations in Airline Distribution describes how airlines will need to build better shopping carts and CRM tools; and the need for social (sharable)  PNRs.

Three Myths About Airline Sourcing explains why you shouldn’t bother with consortia buying groups (Part 1), pre-paying (Part 2) or recapturing your travelers’ frequent flyer miles (Part 3).

Best Sources of Travel Data takes a critical look at where you should – and should not – get your data for your travel sourcing projects.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2010 – and hopefully a topically interesting one!

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