Go to Some Good Conferences!

No question, I’m a fan of education and networking in the travel industry.  It’s hard to beat the value we get from the better conferences out there.  If you’re looking to improve your travel, meetings or procurement practices, then you should definitely attend some of these industry-oriented events.  Here are two that I’m attending in the next few weeks:

ISM and NBTA Summit on Travel & Meetings

Should be a good cross-section of travel management, meetings management and procurement practices. Some top-drawer speakers (substance counts in my book, not style).  Jan. 27-28 (Wed-Thu) in Tampa.  The agenda is here, and registration details are here.

The Masters Program in Washington, D.C. , Feb 16-18 (Tue-Thu)

This is an invitation-only event limited to 200 delegates.  It attracts a pretty select and senior crowd (expertise and influence, not age!) in the corporate travel industry.   Not to worry – you can likely get invited by contacting Stacy at masters@mastersprogramonline.com or calling 202-775-5811.

The agenda (here) is broad-based. No breakout sessions – everyone stays in the same room and hears the same discussions.  It’s one of the best networking and industry landscape events out there.

There are other great conferences coming up in North America.  Be sure to save dates for the ACTE Global Conference (May 16-18, Chicago), and the NBTA Convention (August 8-11, Houston).  For a broader view of industry events worldwide, check out The Beat.travel blog’s calendar here.

Hope to see you at one of these events!

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