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Job and Flight Roulette, Courtesy of D.O.T.

If Jeff Smisek, Continental Airline’s CEO, was a gambler, he probably wouldn’t play roulette.  Why not?  The odds are stacked too far in favor of the house. Mr. Smisek’s risk tolerances came to light at an investors’ conference earlier this … Continue reading

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Reverse Auctions for Airfares, Hotel and Car Rates?

Here’s an interesting twist on the reverse auction strategy of getting suppliers to under-bid each other for the buyer’s business.  Instead of a buyer initiating the reverse auction, have the supplier do it. It’s not a silly as it sounds.  … Continue reading

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Continental Gets It Right, Scene 1

Continental Airlines will charge for meals this fall.  It’s about time.  And money, and choice. Lots of travel managers and many more travelers will hate seeing this movie. “You shouldn’t do this – it’s going to cost me more money!”  … Continue reading

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