Top Travel Innovations of the Last Decade?

Look around the travel industry, and you’ll see that several of the major Travel 2.0 players got their start in the 1990’s.

Concur,  Expedia, GetThere, ITA Software, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity come quickly to mind.

But what about this last decade – the 2000s?  What type of travel-oriented innovation has impressed you? It could be related to leisure or business travel, travel management or travel procurement.

Can’t come up with anything in particular?  Please say so – and let me know where you think there are problems in need of solutions.

I’ll speak on travel innovation at the Open Travel Forum later this month in Seattle, and will share that presentation here.  Meanwhile, thanks for chipping in your two cents!

9 thoughts on “Top Travel Innovations of the Last Decade?

  1. The iPhone… In particular, iPhone applications. There are so many applications that make travel easier from booking to navigating subways to travel health care. I am the marketing director for Medjet, a medical evacuation membership program for travelers, and we created a free first aid and medical information storage iPhone app for travel called iMedjet last year. It was created as a branding tool but its a perfect example of how the iPhone and other application driven smartphones have made travel much easier.

  2. Hi – I have the product of the century for you. Have a look at our web. Also I will send you a bit more information you might be able to use in your presentation. Please contact me directly if you have question or need more information. We can schedule a WebEx if you think that’s an idea. Best, Ole

  3. One of my challenges has been coordination of those who are in charge of meeting arrangements in various areas of the country. It seems there is no coordination of efforts to allow for better negotiations for overall hotel spend. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Rosalie, I invite you to visit our website where you can read my blog and get tons of valuable information from our free Resource Library. In short to respond to your question, in absence of a master company calendar of meetings and events and a technology source to track and report all your meetings spend data, your current state of frustration and lack of supplier spend information will never change.

  4. So many travel sites look like ‘ a dog’s breakfast’! Most are directories with info all over the place and things ‘flashing’ at you from every direction.

    We launched a new site at the end of last year for New Zealand travel planning with over 5000 images linked to the map – you can really plan your journey with this website as you can compare different locations – scenery, attractions, activities etc. A refreshing change to all the ‘clutter’ – we hope you find it innovative too. Happy and safe travels!

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  6. I think a big innovation in travel is a new way to rent accomodations – it’s not just about hotels anymore. There are a lot of great deals out there to rent private vacation homes and I think there is a shift in the way people think about accomodations to think outside of the “hotel box”, and rent a condo or a house in the destination someone is traveling to.


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