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Tacos: Inspiration for Travel Innovation

There’s no single right way to innovate, but a flash of creative genius never hurts.  You know you’ve found a truly great solution when your customers cry “My God, why didn’t I think of that?!!” That’s exactly what I said … Continue reading

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Four Barriers to Travel Innovation

I recently claimed in this webinar that the travel industry’s innovative golden years were in the 1990s, and that our industry hasn’t seen much innovation (with a capital I) since. Why the lack of innovation, you ask?  I listed three … Continue reading

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ACTE to Certify Travel Consultants

ACTE is committed to certifying travel consultants, citing a “strong demand” from buyers.  Exactly how this will work, and whether it will be effective, is unclear. I spoke today with Ron DiLeo, ACTE’s new Executive Director, to better understand his … Continue reading

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Is ACTE Headed in the Right Direction?

ACTE sketched out several initiatives this week from its global conference in Berlin. These efforts hope to: Find young talent, Provide an accredited global perspective to travel buyers and suppliers, and Implement a consultant’s certification program. Two weeks earlier, ACTE … Continue reading

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