1-Day Air Sourcing Workshop, Dec. 14

This is the first-ever one-day workshop devoted to sourcing airlines.  Matthew Patterson and I will lead the session on Dec. 14th in Chicago.  (Sold already? Register here.) The agenda is tailor-made to those folks wanting a deep understanding of these key topics:

  • How airlines price corporate accounts – what really matters
  • Understanding your true leverage – quantifying Buyer Power
  • What’s better than benchmarking – and why?
  • Bid analysis – or a best guess?
  • Future fare mix – why your discounts will vary, and maybe by a lot
  • The solution to discounts tied to unpredictable inventory
  • Alliance bids – good, bad or just ugly?
  • Scenario modeling 101
  • Spotting – and avoiding – unachievable goals
  • What to do about ancillary fees
  • Standard practice for quantifying savings, and what it misses
  • Analyzing your options with risk/reward lenses
  • Choosing between Classic and Turbo Sourcing
  • Presenting to CEOs/CPOs/CFOs – the one chart you need

OK, so this list (partial, at that) should tell you that this workshop is not for casual onlookers.  We’re aiming this workshop at folks who want to dig deep into airline sourcing – theory, leading practices and pitfalls. Don’t come if you’re just looking for a networking event – we want an actively engaged audience.

You’ll get your fill of powerpoint slides, for sure, but you’ll also go through two great working group sessions – and neither one has any of those cheesy fake negotiation exercises.  Instead, you’ll work through “Deciding How to Decide” – figuring out which airlines should win the business – before you see their bids. Yeah, unconventional, isn’t it?

The workshop is sponsored by NBTA, the Chicago BTA chapter, and Carlson Wagonlit.  It will open with an industry outlook by Dan McKenzie, the notable airline industry analyst from Hudson Securities. Then we’re into the weeds of airline sourcing for the rest of the day.  The event is at the Swissotel in Chicago, so you know it’s a great venue.

Registration details are here. I hope to see many of you there!

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2 thoughts on “1-Day Air Sourcing Workshop, Dec. 14

  1. We are currently looking at airline data and I’d love to be able to attend but have a conflict of schedule. Any chance you will publish (for purchase) details of this 1-day workshop or conduct another in 2011?

    • Lisa, I’m sorry that you can’t make this date. We have not yet scheduled this workshop for next year, but my guess is that NBTA and Carlson Wagonlit are likely to do so. I just got off the phone with a colleague who is hoping the workshop will be recorded. I’ll ask NBTA to weigh in on that, as a recording isn’t planned as of now. Who knew there would be such demand?

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