Applying Travel Innovation: 7 Case Studies

Looking for real-world examples of how companies are applying new trends and technologies in their travel programs?

Look no farther – Advito, BCD Travel’s consulting arm, describes seven solid case studies in its latest white paper: “Leading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-Gen”

You’ll learn what these companies are doing:

  • Coca-Cola – improving policy compliance
  • DuPont – gaining control of meeting spend
  • EADS – integrating end-to-end travel technology
  • Microsoft – increasing the use of virtual travel
  • Salesforce – leveraging social networking
  • Sapient – using Yammer for travel communications
  • U.S. Foodservice – freeing travelers to choose mobile apps

You can download the free white paper here (registration required). NB: I contributed some content to this paper.

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5 thoughts on “Applying Travel Innovation: 7 Case Studies

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  2. Scott, I cannot open the link to the white paper; it takes me to a blank page with a popup box that says something like: “your comments have already been posted”.

  3. Scott, this is the exact language received when I try to click on the link for the White Paper on Innovation:

    You have already visited this page and your answers have been registered.

    Thank you!

  4. Jeanne (and anyone else having this problem),

    I’ve corrected the problem. My error and my apologies! Let me know if the link does not work, and I’ll send you the document.

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