Travel Booking Tool Goes Gaming

Wondering where “gamification” will show up in your travel program?  Have a look at SERKO’s  self-booking tool for a peek at the future:

Darrin Grafton, SERKO’s CEO, designed his booking tool’s behavior reward module to be customized by each corporate client.  Some clients may, for example, choose to give more points for early booking, while others may prioritize the booking of a preferred hotel.

Elsewhere in the tool it provides the traveler with his/her position on a leaderboard, something like “You are ranked 25th out of 345 travelers based on your reward points achieved to date”.

It seems such a logical way to help drive compliance to the desired travel policies, at very little cost in terms of clutter on the booking page.  I was a fan of this idea before, and am more so now, after seeing it implemented by SERKO.

Darrin is introducing this innovation, and others the SERKO team has made to this popular Austral-Asia corporate booking tool, at a major travel show in the next few weeks.  It will be fascinating to hear what his corporate customers have to say about this.   Darrin, please do keep us posted here.

For now, I’ll just say “Game on!”

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9 thoughts on “Travel Booking Tool Goes Gaming

  1. That’s just what I need to increase adhesion to our just released self booking tool. After too many new company regulations and travel and car policies, I was thinking about a reward system. But managing it seems cumbersome. This is perfect, it adds fresh air and a little playfulness.
    Not much chance to have it in Spain in the near future I guess? I am checking wih my agency right now.
    Great idea. Thaks!

  2. Great idea by Serko. Rewarding good behavior as a way to drive best practice and increase cost efficacy. I look forward to seeing it!

  3. If you would like more information or just to know how to get this OBT into your corporation; feel free to drop us an email; as we say at Serko;
    OUR Innovation is YOUR advantage.
    Proud to be 100% Microsoft based OBT and partner. Thanks to Scott for the initial concept!!

  4. Great idea and concept!
    the question is how good is the booking tool? – this is the main reason to impliment SBT… Can we get the reward program as a seperate module? what policies can you show / enforce? what is the scoring system based on? what are you doing with out of policy bookings?
    good luck mate

  5. Gamification was presented at BTTB and has become one of the most talked about changes in Online Corporate Travel. Yossi asked how good are we: tonite for a third year and the second year in a row we won Australasian Travel Service Provider of the Year. We are the most awarded OBT… why? Because we innovate where others don’t. World firsts are just what we do (2009 realtime Mobile traveller tracking; 2001 sector fares; 2011 NFC, gamification and the market changer “hotel unbundling”.

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  7. Serko was just awarded:
    Technology provider of the year
    Hitech most innovative software product
    Exporter of the year

    All in the same week.
    This is thanks to our suppliers , clients and our amazing team.

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