ProcureApp’s Clever Compliance Tool

Disclosure: I’ve served  ProcureApp as an unpaid advisor.

Procurement folks hate undiscounted spend.  They’ll love ProcureApp.  Why? Because it detects when a buyer (think traveler) has wandered onto a non-approved supplier’s website. When that happens, a friendly message pops up.

“Pardon me, old chap.  Couldn’t help noticing that you’re on’s site.  Not really an approved supplier, are they?  Tsk, tsk. Why don’t we take a nice stroll over to our approved travel site, and do our shopping and booking over there, shall we?”

Beautiful.  A timely message displayed to a traveler at a critical step in the path of non-compliance. Complete with a link to the preferred site.

Not loving the affected British slant?  No problem, old chap – you can customize the message’s text to your liking (The British example is my doing, not ProcureApp’s.)

Maybe you prefer “Book here and you’re fired.”  Oh, come on – I know a few of you would want that one.

Messaging is not limited to cases where a traveler lands on’s home page.  ProcureApp can deliver customized messaging and preferred links, and even insert corporate purchasing codes – at just about any point in the shopping/booking process.

On a car rental site: “I say, would you mind if I inserted our company ID here?  We’ll get  a better price, you know. And do be a good lad and decline all the insurance options.”

Phil Hammer, the force behind ProcureApp, sees wide potential for helping buyers/travelers do the right thing.  It’s point of process messaging designed to re-direct behavior.  “We’re still discovering new ways that procurement managers want to deploy this”, he says.  Some buyers are keen to simply track non-compliant purchases; others want active diversion as far upstream as possible.

There is precedent for this technique in the travel industry.  Heather Young, travel manager at Capital One, gave a presentation at a GBTA event last summer in which she described a similar home-grown method.   “It’s very effective, and very easy to implement”, she said, if memory serves.

Clever messaging at key points in the procurement process.  Jolly good show, that!

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7 thoughts on “ProcureApp’s Clever Compliance Tool

  1. We found that 80%+ of travelers will do research outside the program but 98% end up booking through the proper chanels. Also, how can you account for poersonal bookings on your work computer?

    • Hi Eric – Based on previous posts from SG, I think you’re hitting on an area that a lot of us are trying to innovate with and towards. That is, why are 80% of managed travelers not using your TMC or OBT to search – user experience, pricing, speed , other value adds or do they simply not know (or care -ugh)? On average companies have 30%-50% of spend that is unmanaged or maverick and need redirection to appropriate channels. The recent BTN study highlighted that 50% of all travelers are not aware of travel policy and 1 in 5 don’t understand supplier strategy, thus eroding compliance, volume, security and discounting further. I applaud you for the 98% compliance rate – the highest we’ve ever heard but often times we find that procurement managers count spend under management and not the total actual spend, as that number may be in another department. If that much spend is already searching on supplier sites – chances are that a great many travelers will simply hit the book it button and move on or soon will decide to- this will be obvious by observing expense and credit card data compared to TMC reports.

      Regarding personal bookings on company property – that’s up to each company to decide. You’ll note that we do have the “No Thanks” capability to capture these policy variances. ProcureApp can provide reporting metrics too. Thanks Eric and we’re happy to show this to you live at your convenience!

  2. This fantastic! I see applications for us way past travel booking. We have some use of passport/visa services outside of our internal services that we would like to touch. Also for procurement categories in general, this could be a big support of ariba purchasing for office products, technology products, etc.

    If we used this for travel, we would want to have the message clear to say “if this is a BUSINESS trip, please be sure to book via your company’s TMC. If its a personal trip…Nevermind! Please proceed.” so as to not flood our TMC with everyone’s vacation plans.

    This tool is brilliant! I love that it naturally inserts procurement into shopping / purchasing behvior real time and allows flexibility in what/how the messaging is perceived.

    • Brian – thank you for the feedback! We’re amazed at how many different uses procurement executives have come up with to utilyze ProcureApp. The application for Ariba and OBT/TMC are very natural and intended to get more negotiating share in your capable hands and provide a natural experience for travelers/buyers.

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