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What a broad set of travel topics we’ve been discussing here: Gamification, verbal translation, direct connections, data reporting, self-booking breakthroughs, innovation barriers, supplier pricing….I love it.

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Here’s a handy recap of the most popular articles from the last year or so:

Travel Booking Tool Goes Gaming   SERKO applies gamification to its self-booking tool, to great success. See this post for the original idea.

Verbal Translation via iPhone  Covers a pre-Siri method of translating speech from one language to another.  See this post for a related view on voice-based flight search.

Direct Connect by Google – Oh Yes  Implications of Google’s Flight Search on the distribution of airfares, especially for corporations.

AirPlus Gets an A+ on Ancillary Fees Report   A product review of a tool aimed at quantifying how much a company spends on ancillary fees.

Short’s BookIt: A Brilliant Booking Breakthrough   Describes the most innovative idea I’ve seen in the corporate self-booking arena.  See this post for more implications.

TIILTS: Better Travel Data Reporting   What’s wrong with today’s travel data reporting tools, and what’s needed.  In a word, prescriptive.

New Types of Hotel Rates Ahead   Predicts the emergence of rates more similar to airfares – non-refundable and dynamically priced.  See this post for the rationale.

An Open Approach to Travel Distribution?   Uses a clever video to illustrate the advantages of open systems and the implications for travel distribution.

Four Barriers to Travel Innovation   Explains why there has been so little innovation, with a capital I, in the managed travel space lately.

Free Tools   Includes the Stages of Excellence for Managed Travel toolkit, category-specific travel savings “What If” models, an airline CO2 calculator and fuel cost model,  and popular education decks.

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