From Friction to Fire at GBTA

The sparks are flying.

No, not about GBTA’s IP policies – we got that resolved a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to all who weighed in on that – GBTA leadership heard you loud and clear.

This is much, much bigger.  It’s the issue of how to manage travel in modern times.

Evan Konwiser and I will fan the flames at GBTA’s Convention in Boston. We’ll present some pretty provocative views on this.  We’re backing it up with evidence, and laying out a direction that has big implications for buyers and suppliers.

Come add your fuel to the fire – join our session on Monday, July 23rd at 9:00 am.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of the sparks we’re throwing out there:

Traveler welfare trumps travel policies

Savings is the wrong goal

Revolution or Evolution – your choice

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8 thoughts on “From Friction to Fire at GBTA

  1. Very sorry to be missing this, unfortunately have a corporate event to attend, you know I would have been joining in very vocally. I love that your travel savings image is smoke… add in a mirror and that covers my feelings on it pretty accurately.

    • Likewise, we’ll very much miss seeing you, Michael. Your work at Google serves as the foundation for much of how we see Managed Travel 2.0. We should add your name to the title slide!

  2. Hi Scott – Sorry I’ll miss your presentation, but I firmly believe you’re on the right track. Many corporate procurement organizations have built their value propostion and credibility on “savings”. It’ll be interesting to see reactions and how this plays out.

  3. Will your presentation be available on GBTA website after the convention? I am missing this year, but I am particularly interested in this approach and to hear the comments. Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Yes, it will be on GBTA’s Hub, and I’ll post a copy here after the presentation. Fair warning, it really needs the voice-over from Evan and me to give a lot of the pictures the right context. Have a look, and let either of us know if you’d like to chat in more detail about the messages. We’re excited to stir the fire here!

  4. HI Scott

    It was good to meet you this week in Boston – too bad we did not get more than 5 mns to talk ! i believe we have the poster child of the travel 2.0 concept coming out soon with our “corporate” hotel user review – i think it is one of the first time in the industry that corporate travelers get a chance to voice their opinions on their hotel stays and strongly influence their travel manager to adapt and evolve – and reviewing our first client reviews, it’s not just about price ! on the Air side William has been very busy building a fantastic dashboard to measure in real time the distance between a booked airfare and the 12 month average so as to alert in real time when travelers went above the speed limit ! if in Minneapolis you should come visit us – lots to talk about

    Patrice Simon, CWT

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