GBTA Prezos: Hit 1 Home Run, Struck 2 Nerves

Evan Konwiser and I presented the “Managed Travel 2.0” session at GBTA’s Global Convention last month.  The presentation was well received – lots of good discussion in the session, and after, about the implications of this form of travel management.

Here’s the deck we used, and here’s a good recap of the Managed Travel 2.0 session.  Look for a few more posts in the near future about some of the key points we made.

The next day I presented “Innovation in Travel”.  As promised, I took a critical view of the innovative track record in our industry.  Those views weren’t fully appreciated by some in the audience, predictably from the TMC and GDS camps.

Fair enough.  Innovation is to some extent a matter of opinion.  Here’s the deck I used to stir the innovation flames a bit. Thanks much to GBTA for the opportunity to speak about these important issues.

If you attended either session, what did you think?

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