Learn, Network and Vote at GBTA’s Convention

GBTA’s annual convention (Aug. 4-7 in San Diego) offers great opportunities to learn about the corporate travel industry, network with peers and vote on the future of GBTA.

I’m teaching this travel data workshop on Sunday, Aug. 4th from 9am to about 3pm, and this advanced airline sourcing session on Wednesday, August 7th at 11:45am.  On Monday the 5th at 9am Evan Konwiser and I will present on The End and Future of Managed Travel.

Managed Travel 2.0 has come a long way since Evan and I presented the concept at GBTA’s 2012 convention.  We’ll bring fresh and surprising views from around the industry, courtesy of  2-day workshop we recently hosted with Glenn Hollister, principal of ZS Associates‘ transportation practice.  More to come on this workshop in a future post.

GBTA’s Direct members will have a chance to vote for one of three bylaws options.

By far, the best one is Mark Ziegler’s “Proposal B”.  It increases the power of GBTA members to influence the way GBTA operates by requiring all board members to be elected.  Good move, that, and one copied by GBTA’s own “Proposal A”.

Unfortunately, GBTA’s “Proposal A” would put a chokehold on any new amendments, or more precisely, on those who would offer them.  Per Business Travel News, “(under “Proposal A” any) passage of member-proposed bylaw changes would require votes from two-thirds of a quorum of all allied and direct members, following a three-quarters vote of a quorum of the board.”

This means that Proposal A lets one-quarter of a quorum of the board prevent any bylaw change.

Proposal A hands a lot of power to a very small group.  It’s a recipe for protecting the status quo.  It’s a sign of no confidence in the larger elected board, and none in the membership’s ability to vote the “right” way on key issues.

Proposal B respects and protects the value of every member’s vote.  It ensures that GBTA will be shaped by the broader membership’s interests.  Voters should support Proposal B.

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