I’m back in the analytics game with tClara

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Many of you know that I sold my last company, Travel Analytics,  back in 2006.  I had a 5-year non-compete, and filled my time doing a fair amount of speaking and training, and of course writing here on whatever caught my eye in the travel industry.

Along the way I met some great guys at Diio, the aviation data intelligence firm. They know aviation data inside and out, and have an amazing group of really smart software engineers who – and this is vital – are very focused on providing great customer service.

Long story short, we’ve joined forces to offer on-demand analytics for the corporate travel industry.  Our firm is tClara, pronounced tee-CLAIR-ah, a riff on “clarity”.  You can check out our site here.

Our sweet spot is delivering customized reports in three areas: Airline category analysis, travel policy decision support, and trip friction scoring and benchmarking.

We’ve got a terrific roster of affiliated consultants – Tom Ruesink, Evan Konwiser and Tom Tomosky.  All rock stars in their own right.

It gets better.  The good folks at Cornerstone  have already built a data handoff for us, so Cornerstone customers can quickly take advantage of any of our analytical services whenever you’re ready. Thanks to Mat Orrego and crew for getting behind this so early.

I’ll lead tClara’s business side, and Diio will drive the technology.  A perfect match, one that I’m really excited about!

I’ll continue to do speaking and training, and of course I’ll blog here on industry topics.   Fair warning – if we do something at tClara that I’m really proud of, you may see it mentioned here – but I won’t overdo it.

If you’d like to catch up about this in more detail, great – I’ll be in San Diego at the GBTA Convention next week, as will many of you.   Send me a note and we’ll find time for a chat.

tClara is sponsoring “The End and Future of Managed Travel” on Tuesday, Aug. 6th at 9 am PDT.  Stop by to see how we’re measuring trip friction.

If meeting in San Diego next week doesn’t work, please call or e-mail me at your convenience.  I’m excited to get back in the game!

Best regards,


10 thoughts on “I’m back in the analytics game with tClara

  1. Hi Scott

    the site states that hotel analytics is ‘coming soon’. What is your time-frame?

    is tClara capable of providing a travel report card and dashboards comprehensive enough to cover the gamut of travel spend?

    regards Robert Nair


    • @Robert,
      Our hotel product is likely a few months away. While I believe tClara is capable of offering a dashboard or report card covering the full gamut of travel spend, that isn’t on our product roadmap. We’re striving to not become a traditional travel data reporting firm. Rather, we aim to provide a set of very focused analytics, consumed as needed by travel/procurement managers an their consultants.

      I’d be glad to demo our reports for you, of course.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I would like to have a chat at GBTA and better understand the product – from a supplier perspective. Could you send me a note with your availability?
    Regards, Renata

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