Travel Data and Airline Sourcing Education Decks

You gotta love the 40 good folks who gave up a beautiful Sunday in San Diego to talk travel data.  I delivered a 6-hour workshop for GBTA on this topic, and am proud to report that not one person fell asleep!  Here’s the handout file we used. Topics included:

  • Sources and uses of travel data
  • Boring data reports and stupid statistics
  • Making good data-driven presentations
  • Key concepts needed for travel analyses
  • Using derivative data to answer seven key questions
  • GBTA’s KPI Resource document (as a handout; we didn’t have time to discuss it)

The discussion was terrific.  We had active contributors from all parts of the travel industry, two of whom came all the way from Australia. The back and forth between delegates on how to use travel data was really valuable.  It was a classy class.

A few days later I presented this deck on advanced airline sourcing to a GBTA crowd of about 200 folks.  A shout-out to all you who were from the procurement side of the house – kudos to you for digging into this complex category.  We covered these topics in just over an hour:

  • Assessing the supplier landscape using Fair Market Share
  • The impact of the proposed AA-US merger on airfares
  • Building good scenarios to improve negotiating leverage
  • Incorporating risk assessment into your sourcing decision
  • Why spend doesn’t drive discounts, and what does: the ability to shift share
  • Avoiding key airline sourcing mistakes

Best part of this session for me was hearing from a senior airline exec who attended that the session “was very fair and balanced, very accurate”.

Buyers and sellers make healthier deals when they both understand the rational economics involved.  Happy to help on that point!

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2 thoughts on “Travel Data and Airline Sourcing Education Decks

  1. Thanks for sharing Scott. I only regret that I was not able to attend your session. I always enjoy and appreciate your seminars!

    Hope all is well… please keep in touch.

    Best Regards,


    Doug Payne, CCTE, GLP, GTP
    Senior Vice President – Sales
    702 North Shore Drive Suite 300
    Jeffersonville, IN 47130
    T 812.206.5200
    F 812.206.5422
    Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Allied Board Member
    2013 GBTA Allied Member of the Year

  2. Sounds like it was a very educational session, Scott. Even just reading the deck you posted provides some excellent insight. There are so many sources of data, now, and more data analysis tools than ever before. Very helpful to read an expert’s account of what really matters and how to measure it. Thanks for sharing.

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