Applying Travel Innovation: 7 Case Studies

Looking for real-world examples of how companies are applying new trends and technologies in their travel programs?

Look no farther – Advito, BCD Travel’s consulting arm, describes seven solid case studies in its latest white paper: “Leading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-Gen”

You’ll learn what these companies are doing:

  • Coca-Cola – improving policy compliance
  • DuPont – gaining control of meeting spend
  • EADS – integrating end-to-end travel technology
  • Microsoft – increasing the use of virtual travel
  • Salesforce – leveraging social networking
  • Sapient – using Yammer for travel communications
  • U.S. Foodservice – freeing travelers to choose mobile apps

You can download the free white paper here (registration required). NB: I contributed some content to this paper.

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