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On Concur’s Future

It’s easy to be a Concur critic these days.  But “these days” ain’t the same as “in the future”. I attended Concur’s annual customer event, Fusion, this week.  Let’s start with the negatives: Concur clearly knows their user base has been … Continue reading

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AA-US Merger Implications for Gov and Biz Travel

This morning I pointed out some new frontiers in managed travel to the Society of Government Travel Professionals.  Things like traveler friction, trip tailoring, edit rights, Managed Travel 2.0 and traveler dashboards, along with their implications for the government travel … Continue reading

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The Future for Travel Management Companies

Managed Travel 2.0 has a huge implication for travel management companies (TMCs). Namely, the business model for TMCs is going to change.Here’s how I see it: Fifth in a series on Managed Travel 2.0 First, let’s start with the core … Continue reading

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De-Commoditizing Airlines – A Long Road Ahead

Last week in Beijing I made the case for de-commoditizing the airlines.  Even though it was a friendly audience at the CASMA Fall Global Conference, there was some sharp discussion during Q&A.  Fair enough, as I skewered American’s handling of … Continue reading

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Five Years Later – Where Are Our Industry’s Heroes?

Last week my family attended a funeral service for my father-in-law at Arlington National Cemetery. He had a great life, and passed peacefully at the age of 91.  He was a highly decorated Navy pilot in WWII.  To honor him, … Continue reading

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An Open Approach to Travel Distribution?

Travel managers, watch this 2-minute video about the benefits of open API systems, and then ask yourself how it could – should – be applied to the travel industry: To me, this video makes the point beautifully that open systems … Continue reading

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Four Barriers to Travel Innovation

I recently claimed in this webinar that the travel industry’s innovative golden years were in the 1990s, and that our industry hasn’t seen much innovation (with a capital I) since. Why the lack of innovation, you ask?  I listed three … Continue reading

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Is ACTE Headed in the Right Direction?

ACTE sketched out several initiatives this week from its global conference in Berlin. These efforts hope to: Find young talent, Provide an accredited global perspective to travel buyers and suppliers, and Implement a consultant’s certification program. Two weeks earlier, ACTE … Continue reading

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Catching Up at NBTA?

If you’re going to NBTA’s Convention in Houston next week, and you’d like to catch up – let me know!  I’ll arrive on Saturday afternoon, and leave on Wednesday afternoon.  No firm plans yet for dinner on Sunday or Monday, … Continue reading

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Views on Travel Innovation, Part 3: What’s Needed

Good innovation solves worthy problems.  Here are three problems that strike me as worthy, and their very rough calls to action.  (Part 1 in this series covers major travel innovations to date; Part 2 covers key non-technology factors that will … Continue reading

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