Views on Travel Innovation, Part 3: What’s Needed

Good innovation solves worthy problems.  Here are three problems that strike me as worthy, and their very rough calls to action.  (Part 1 in this series covers major travel innovations to date; Part 2 covers key non-technology factors that will affect the future of the travel industry.)

Problem: Tedious Travel SearchesContinue reading

Google – the Ultimate Direct Connect Platform?

Let’s connect some dots.

Dot 1: Google is in a quandary. It needs to enter big markets with high growth opportunities.
Dot 2: Google likes the travel industry. I’ve heard estimates that about 10% of its revenues are attributable to travel.
Dot 3: There’s a big travel-related search market that Google hasn’t cracked. It sits behind the walls of the GDSs.
Dot 4: ITA Software has deep expertise in airline pricing, shopping and availability searches. ITA powers Continue reading

Views on Travel Innovation, Part 2

As I described in Part 1, broad innovations in technology have paved the way for many travel innovations.  But surely there are important non-technology factors that are shaping the future of the travel industry.   Let’s take a look at five such factors and their implications.

An Aging Population.  Demographics are like glaciers – they change slowly but are incredibly powerful.  This chart shows where we’re headed age-wise.  In about 20 years there will be more old folks than young folks out there.  Travel marketers know that these segments have very different wants and needs, but I wonder if those marketers are gearing up enough for this important trend. Continue reading