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Identifying Travel-related Retention Risks

Who can say when a traveler has reached that dreary destination of travel burnout? It’s a very individual issue, yes?  For some, it may take years of constant hopping from terminal to taxi, while others may arrive after a few … Continue reading

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Airline Sourcing One-Day Workshops

Any travel buyer interested in learning the most powerful and innovative methods for sourcing airlines should attend one of my workshops: Airline Sourcing, Nov. 14th in Chicago Airline Sourcing, Dec. 10th in Dallas I’ll cover the basics, but then quickly … Continue reading

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I’m back in the analytics game with tClara

Many of you know that I sold my last company, Travel Analytics,  back in 2006.  I had a 5-year non-compete, and filled my time doing a fair amount of speaking and training, and of course writing here on whatever caught … Continue reading

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Pain-less TMC RFP Process

Anyone who’s worked on a TMC RFP knows what a royal pain in the butt these projects are.  Lots of reasons for this – it’s an infrequently sourced category, there are no standard data elements, questions or pricing schedules, and … Continue reading

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Black Car Cost Control

Jeff LaFave, founder and CEO of SummitQwest, has mastered the art of controlling black car costs for his corporate clients.  If you’re keen to see 15% savings in this category, read on… A big pain in black car spend management … Continue reading

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AA-US Merger Implications for Gov and Biz Travel

This morning I pointed out some new frontiers in managed travel to the Society of Government Travel Professionals.  Things like traveler friction, trip tailoring, edit rights, Managed Travel 2.0 and traveler dashboards, along with their implications for the government travel … Continue reading

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What’s the airline’s cost of your ticket?

How helpful would it be to know the airline’s cost of any ticket? Procurement pros often use cost modeling to estimate profit margins, then use that as  context for price negotiations. But airline pricing doesn’t depend much (some would say … Continue reading

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Why Traveler Friction Matters. 1st in a Series

This series is based on my keynote speech given at the Beat Live.   Traveler Friction vs Travel Policies Travel programs depend on travel policies for savings.  See how the blue line curves down, just like we expect? Travel policies … Continue reading

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From Friction to Fire at GBTA

The sparks are flying. No, not about GBTA’s IP policies – we got that resolved a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to all who weighed in on that – GBTA leadership heard you loud and clear. This is much, much … Continue reading

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ProcureApp’s Clever Compliance Tool

Disclosure: I’ve served  ProcureApp as an unpaid advisor. Procurement folks hate undiscounted spend.  They’ll love ProcureApp.  Why? Because it detects when a buyer (think traveler) has wandered onto a non-approved supplier’s website. When that happens, a friendly message pops up. … Continue reading

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