Managed Travel 2.0

What will the next generation of travel management look like?  Managed Travel 2.0, aka Open Booking,  is one possibility.  Here are links to a variety of resources related to this topic.

LinkedIn GroupManaged Travel 2.0


Intro to Managed Travel 2.0  presented at GBTA’s July 2012 Convention by Evan Konwiser and Scott Gillespie 

Managed Travel 2.0 – Explanation and Implications  presented at The Beat Live conference Sep 2012

The End and Future of Managed Travel  presented at Institute of Travel Management’s conference Apr 2013

White Papers

Open Booking – a Mixed Bag Dec 2012

Fixed Budget – The Model of the Future  Jul 2012

Open Booking – Is it Right for Your Travel Program

The 21st Century Business Traveler  Jan 2013

The Future of Compliance

CWT’s “Where Now For Managed Travel” July 2013

Articles and Posts

The Birth of Managed Travel 2.0 via Google’s Michael Tangney  Nov 2009

Collection of posts from this blog  from Jan 2012

Shooting Holes in Travel 2.0  Dec 2012

Autodesk’s Audit Says No to Travel 2.0  Mar 2103

Open Minds For Open Bookings  Mar 2013

TMCs Must Meet The Challenge of Open Booking  Apr 2013 

It’s Time For a New Generation of Travel Management  Apr 2013

Related Technologies

Short’s BookItBookIt’s Prezi

ProcureApp and KDS Flex

Concur’s TripLink, and Concur’s TripLink via Frosch (a commercial, but a very good description of the problems associated with open booking and the Concur/Frosch solution)

What else belongs here?  Send links to Scott Gillespie

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