Speaking & Training

Most of these topics can be delivered as one-day workshops or 1-2 hour presentations.  My speaking fees depend on my day job’s workload, travel and prep time. Training courses can be customized for buyers or suppliers. Here’s my Free/Busy calendar – I’m happy to hold dates without obligation whenever I can.

The Total Cost of Travel Paradigm

  • Four major travel management paradigms
  • Why the current focus on transaction costs locks the indiustry into a low-value future
  • Core concepts of the Total Cost of Travel paradigm
  • Research results about traveler wear and tear
  • Prescriptive actions travel managers can take to adopt this new paradigm

Modern Travel Procurement

  • Strategic sourcing – why CEOs love procurement, why the travel category is a big target, and  how travel sourcing teams are organized
  • Key plays from procurement’s playbook
  • Why Travel is different – Understanding travel policy’s impact on travel procurement
  • Advanced airline sourcing techniques and common problems
  • Advanced hotel sourcing via hotel clusters

Advanced Airline Sourcing

  • Four unique complicating factors when sourcing airlines, key mistakes to avoid during the RFP process
  • Understanding Fair Market Share, scenarios and savings – and their limiting assumptions.  How to calibrate with your airlines – and your consultants
  • The magic formula for setting airline discounts; understanding revenue management in one slide; obtaining the right data for maximum leverage
  • Developing a viable sourcing strategy; why benchmarking is worthless – and what’s better
  • Evaluating the non-price elements; presenting the final options to senior management in one clever slide

Selling Into Procurement (tailored for the airline category; served as the basis for GBTA’s CTE designation at Continental, Delta and United Airlines)

  • What airline salespeople need to know about strategic sourcing in general, and travel procurement in detail
  • Recognizing standard procurement techniques
  • How travel sourcing projects are organized; key steps and decision points
  • Key analytical components of an airline sourcing project, avoiding major mistakes and how to align with the buyer’s consultants
  • Developing and extending a fair offer; how to agree to disagree
  • Re-framing the value proposition – getting beyond discounts

Analytical Insights – Getting the Most from Travel Data

  • Majors sources of travel data, and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting the right data into useful form
  • The travel data value pyramid
  • Why so many travel reports are so low-value
  • Making context the key ingredient
  • Focus, simplify, visualize – transformational must-do’s
  • Examples of rich, actionable travel data insights
  • Stages of Travel Data Excellence and Travel KPIs

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