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Innovation and Patents: Pros and Cons for Procurement

Are patents good or bad for the end consumer?  OK, that’s pretty broad…how about this specific example concerning Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines: Virgin recently filed this patent infringement case against Delta over Delta’s use of a herringbone-style seating … Continue reading

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Air Sourcing Academy a Big Hit

The first-ever one-day workshop on airline sourcing was a big success!  About 70 delegates worked their way through the key success factors for sourcing this important spend category. NBTA‘s post-event survey measured two key factors: The change in the level … Continue reading

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Why Ancillary Revenues Don’t Much Matter

Let’s cut to the nub of this issue.  No one will  ever know for sure if ancillary revenues make airlines more profitable.  There are just too many moving parts in an airline’s  revenue stream.  Sure, airlines may report an extra … Continue reading

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Top Reads from 1st Quarter 2010

Last quarter’s most popular topics covered travel ROI, savings, metrics and reverse auctions: ROI on Travel and Meetings – Why Bother? – challenges the feasibility of placing ROI metrics on trips; says there is a “good enough” alternative.  It’s called … Continue reading

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Job and Flight Roulette, Courtesy of D.O.T.

If Jeff Smisek, Continental Airline’s CEO, was a gambler, he probably wouldn’t play roulette.  Why not?  The odds are stacked too far in favor of the house. Mr. Smisek’s risk tolerances came to light at an investors’ conference earlier this … Continue reading

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Three Myths About Sourcing Airlines – Part 2

(See Part 1 in this series here) Why Buying in Bulk Doesn’t Work Bulk buying (a.k.a. pre-paying) makes sense for many commodities, but not airfares.  Why? Because it’s complex and expensive. It’s Complex Let’s say you want to bulk-buy $1 … Continue reading

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Three Myths About Sourcing Airlines – Part 1

Given that air travel is typically a large spend item for most companies, it makes sense for procurement folks to attack it with extra energy and creativity.  Here are three ideas that often come up: Consolidate air spend across a … Continue reading

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Baking and Data Reporting

What the heck does baking have to do with travel data reporting, you ask? It makes for an interesting metaphor.  I used this concept in the speech I gave at the ACTE Canada conference this week in Toronto.  I’ll admit … Continue reading

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Top 5 Posts – Last 40 Days

Here are the five most popular posts on this blog from the last 40 days: Trippy – Tomorrow’s Biz Trip Planning Tool? (Trippy is a mash-up of Google Wave, Google Maps and Lonely Planet content) Travel 101 (a 4-minute video … Continue reading

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“Future Innovations in Airline Distribution” Condensed

Here are the highlights from my recent presentation at CASMA titled  “Future Innovations in Airline Distribution”.   The original deck has about 50 slides, but because it was designed for a live 60-minute speech, it’s hard to get the meaning of many … Continue reading

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