The Future of Airline Distribution


Update: Here’s a more current post that gives you the 3-minute condensed version of this presentation, including the most popular slides.


Here’s what I presented today at the CASMA conference: Continue reading

Get a Fresh Look at Your Air Alliances

Continental Airlines will switch from the SkyTeam to the Star alliance later this month.  This will affect planeloads of frequent travelers, but what are the procurement implications?

The major issue is the extent to which each alliance’s capacity to serve your account will change. Buyers who use Continental significantly will want a fresh look at how well the Star Alliance (led by United, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines and now Continental) can serve your travel footprint.  If you can put more spend with the Star Alliance, you may be able to get bigger savings.  Continue reading

Predicting Innovation at CASMA

On October 28th in Las Vegas, I’ll present my views on the seven most important  innovations to date in airline distribution, and then will make predictions about three future innovations.  Here are some of the past innovations that are in my top 20 list, in no special order:

  • Revenue management
  • Going from proprietary CRSs to multi-supplier GDSs
  • Code sharing Continue reading