Five Years Later – Where Are Our Industry’s Heroes?

Last week my family attended a funeral service for my father-in-law at Arlington National Cemetery. He had a great life, and passed peacefully at the age of 91.  He was a highly decorated Navy pilot in WWII.  To honor him, the Navy sent a jet squadron to fly over us during the burial service. There are a lot of heroes in our armed services.  I’m proud to have known one of them.

My non-compete with TRX expired on Monday, five years after I sold Travel Analytics. This week I’ve been thinking about heroes in our industry. Who might I want to work with? Which firms are working hard to solve the worthy problems?  By heroes, let’s talk about companies, not people.  So –  where are the heroes in corporate travel?  Let me think for a while.  Hmmm….

OK, that didn’t take long.  My answer, like it or not, is Continue reading