GBTA’s Problematic IP Policy

GBTA has implemented a strong – and fundamentally wrong –  intellectual property (IP) policy. I’m raising the issue here to ask your help in getting GBTA back on track.  I’ve run out of patience trying to do this on my own.

GBTA’s  new IP policy affects anyone who:

  • Speaks at a GBTA event
  • Contributes to a GBTA committee
  • Provides volunteer services to GBTA

In short, it affects many of the people reading this blog.

Problems for Presenters: GBTA’s policy, read literally, gives GBTA broad license rights in any intellectual property a GBTA presenter has ever created – whether for GBTA or any other party.  This is no ordinary speaker release form.  The language is surprisingly and needlessly broad.

Problems for Committee Members and other Contributors: It gets worse.  GBTA’s new policy requires you to transfer – as in give away – all your rights to whatever IP you may develop for or contribute to GBTA – and potentially all your other IP you’ve ever created. Continue reading