Social Scanning, Fuzzy Shopping and More Travel Innovations

**Update: The four finalists are noted below in bold purple text.**

The Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit showcased 34 firms yesterday. Each has an interesting new angle on some aspect of the travel business. For me, the firms in the social scanning and fuzzy shopping categories were the most intriguing.  See this post for my take on the implications for travel procurement. Continue reading

“Future Innovations in Airline Distribution” Condensed

Here are the highlights from my recent presentation at CASMA titled  “Future Innovations in Airline Distribution”.   The original deck has about 50 slides, but because it was designed for a live 60-minute speech, it’s hard to get the meaning of many of the slides (nearly all pictures) by themselves.  So here’s the 3-minute version:

Channels have limits.

Channels Have LimitsDistribution channels are essential to commerce, but they have limits.  The Panama Canal has to build wider locks to accommodate the newest and largest cargo ships.  This is a metaphor for the GDS distribution channel, as it cannot handle the “wider” content that airlines want to distribute today.


bl Continue reading

Google’s “Social Search” and Travel

Google is shaking up the travel world again.  I caught this article on Tnooz, just before heading down to the CASMA conference sessions.  That’s on hold until  can get my mind wrapped around this new tool.

Called Social Search, Google taps into your social networks (but only with your permission) to find out what your friends think about whatever search term you’ve entered.   It works with any topic, not just travel.  But for now, think of it as TripAdvisor meets LinkedIn. Continue reading