Better RFPs for Meetings via SpeedRFP

This looks like it will be a very useful tool:  SpeedRFP is creating a standard platform for populating and managing RFPs for hotel meetings and events.  Any buyer who needs to get quotes from several hotels will appreciate this. Continue reading

Trippy – Tomorrow’s Biz Trip Planning Tool?

Take a look at how we might be planning business trips in the very near future.   The video below plans some ground-based activities of a leisure trip, but you’ll quickly see how this tool could be used in a business setting.  What are the implications for travel procurement?  Watch the video, then see my first thoughts at the end of this post. Continue reading

The Israeli Army Knife of Self-Booking Tools

You know those Swiss Army knives?  The ones that have 3 different knife blades, two screwdrivers, pliers, a fork, spoon and tweezers, all in one casing?  Well, I found the Israeli equivalent in the self-booking tool category.  Atriis is the tool’s name.  In addition to online self-booking, it includes: Continue reading

Hotel Sourcing Technology Contacts

If you’re about to source hotels, you (or your TMC) will likely want to use one of these Hotel RFP platforms.  By platform, I mean the technology that allows you to upload a bid list (the list of hotels to which you want to send an RFP), distribute a standardized RFP, collect the responses, and conduct rate negotiations.

If you have an opinion about any of these providers, let’s hear it! Continue reading