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Survey Says: Biggest Analytical Pain Points Are…

* Quantifying savings (36%), and measuring the traveler experience (16%) * Working with travel technology tools, e.g. self-booking, expense reporting and data reporting tools (34%), and the airline category (20%) * Deciding how to structure the analysis (22%), getting good … Continue reading

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Travel Buyers, What’s Your Big Analytical Pain Point?

A lot of folks in the travel industry don’t enjoy the numbers side of the business nearly as much as they do the people side.  Fair enough, as the whole industry is built on the premise of building better interpersonal … Continue reading

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Solving the Blah-Blah Travel Data Problem

Travel managers routinely rank travel data as one of their most important issues. Yet AirPlus recently reported that 56% of North American travel managers surveyed said they would not be willing to pay for better travel data. OK, so let’s … Continue reading

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The End of Travel Data Darkness

This is the year in which travel data darkness begins to die. By data darkness, I mean the opacity of travel booking data made outside of company-approved booking channels.  Exhibit A – hotel bookings made on Brand.com. Given that most … Continue reading

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Following Gillespie’s Guide to Travel+Procurement?

What a broad set of travel topics we’ve been discussing here: Gamification, verbal translation, direct connections, data reporting, self-booking breakthroughs, innovation barriers, supplier pricing….I love it. If you’re a follower of this blog, thank you!  And if you’ve contributed to … Continue reading

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TIILTS: Better Travel Data Reporting

Quick, now – what’s the biggest innovation in travel data reporting over the last ten years? Dashboards or Balanced Scorecards?  Those trace back to 1987. Web-based travel reports?  Gotta be 15 years old, at least. Comparative price benchmarking? 15 years … Continue reading

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Top Posts from 2010 Travel+Procurement

The hottest topics on this blog last year dealt with data metrics, innovation, distribution and hotel sourcing. In case you missed these most-read articles: Travel Benchmarking Done Well – Describes the best travel benchmarking tool I’ve seen. From the fine … Continue reading

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Stairsteps to Data Heaven

Why is it so damned hard to get great value from the sea of travel data out there? You’d think that corporate travel, a large and mature industry, would have cracked the code by now. And yet most buyers are … Continue reading

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Travel Benchmarking Done Well

Benchmarking is one of the most popular requests from travel managers – and one of the most difficult services to provide.  I’ve argued strongly that price benchmarking is wrong and worthless.  Not changing my tune on that one. Performance benchmarking, … Continue reading

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Review: AirPlus Data Reporting Tool

Credit card data is not the best source for airline sourcing projects.  I’ve said this for a long time (for example, here), but was challenged (nicely) by Jacques Lionnet at AirPlus to take a fresh look at AIM, the AirPlus … Continue reading

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