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When To Greenlight an Open Booking

When does it make sense for travelers to book outside the corporate channel?  Whenever you can get through each of these three gates: 1) Will the open booking data be acquired quickly by the corporate traveler security system?  This is … Continue reading

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The Future for Travel Management Companies

Managed Travel 2.0 has a huge implication for travel management companies (TMCs). Namely, the business model for TMCs is going to change.Here’s how I see it: Fifth in a series on Managed Travel 2.0 First, let’s start with the core … Continue reading

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Google – the Ultimate Direct Connect Platform?

Let’s connect some dots. Dot 1: Google is in a quandary. It needs to enter big markets with high growth opportunities. Dot 2: Google likes the travel industry. I’ve heard estimates that about 10% of its revenues are attributable to … Continue reading

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The Israeli Army Knife of Self-Booking Tools

You know those Swiss Army knives?  The ones that have 3 different knife blades, two screwdrivers, pliers, a fork, spoon and tweezers, all in one casing?  Well, I found the Israeli equivalent in the self-booking tool category.  Atriis is the … Continue reading

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