Free Tools

Here are some tools (all free) designed to help you better understand some aspect of travel procurement or travel management.    If you want to add anything to this page, please do – you’re just a post away from helping out!

Procuring Travel More Strategically (45 min podcast, Nov. 2016) Interview with Art of Procurement’s Philip Ideson.  Offers an outcome-based model for aligning travel metrics to fit the larger strategic goals of business travel.

Travel 101 – Introduction (4 min 36 sec video) Gives a great overview of the travel category – why it is a unique procurement category, and the key principles for successfully sourcing it.

Travel_Procurement_Myths_Mistakes_and_Best_Practices Covers mostly airlines and hotels, some TMC and Rental Car advice. (PDF file)

Airline_Sourcing_Project_Stress_Test Use this to spot potential points of failure in your next airline sourcing project. (Excel file)

Stages of Travel Management Excellence  A fast, easy and effective way to grade any corporate travel program.  Read the “Stages of Excellence for Travel Management” file to learn the framework, then use the excel file to grade the program.  See the 2003 SOE Industry report to see how 84 firms from around the world stacked up after they scored themselves using this tool.

Airfare_Fuel_Cost_Model_v3 Use this to see how recent changes in jet fuel prices impact the cost of an airfare. To use this model, 1) save it in its PPT format; 2) open the file, and 3) view the file in Slide Show (full screen) mode.  See Airfare_Fuel_Cost_Model_v3 with notes for the Model’s Companion Notes.

Carbon Emissions and Managed Travel Gives a great overview of carbon emissions and the implications for managing a greener travel program. (PDF file)

Introduction to Innovation – an excellent slide show for anyone in any industry: Introduction to Design Thinking

3 Responses to Free Tools

  1. A Capers says:

    I have today tried to access a presentation “learn more about using travel data”.
    The site tells me to launch the presentation and I get the message below.

    The session you have requested could not be found in our database. Please check the URL and try again.

    To say that this not helpful would be an understatement and also does not reflect well on your otherwise interesting blog.
    Can you please let me know if this presentation will be recorded and how I may access it to see it?

    • Scott Gillespie says:

      A Capers,

      My sincere apologies for the technical difficulties. You are not alone – others have mentioned the same problem to the webcaster. I don’t have an immediate solution. The conference is being recorded, and I will make sure you get access to it!

    • Scott Gillespie says:

      OK, I’ve tested this on my end. Here’s the link to the registration page:

      Again, my apologies for the trouble that you and others had in registering. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I may introduce you to any of the panelists for their input.


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