The Future of Airline Distribution


Update: Here’s a more current post that gives you the 3-minute condensed version of this presentation, including the most popular slides.


Here’s what I presented today at the CASMA conference:

“Future Innovations in Airline Distribution”

The key contents of this speech covered:

  • Notable past innovations in airline distribution
  • Future trends that will impact the travel industry (e.g., aging population,virtual tourism)
  • Three future innovations
    • A new shopping cart and a new aisle for buying travel (think Amazon)
    • A rich customer profile (not a profile of a rich customer)
    • Social PNRs

By “social PNRs”, I mean a pool of reservation records that can be accessed and manged in ways that benefit the travelers.  TripIt has made a great start in this area, but it can and should be extended much, much further.  More on this later!

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3 Responses to The Future of Airline Distribution

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  2. neriz gravador says:

    Am interested with the complete presentation materials. Am currently doing my project regarding our own distribution channel and llke to know more about this

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