Meetings Analytics – A Much-needed Service

If your firm spends much on meetings and events, you should check out Meetings Analytics.  This young firm does the hard and messy work of gathering, scrubbing and analyzing corporate meeting data, and then analyzes it to identify practical savings opportunities.  You my think (or be told) that you already get meeting data reports from your meeting management tools or travel agencies.  Hah!  These guys are way ahead of those old-school reports.  They report their findings in these key areas:

  • Sourcing and Compliance
  • Contracting and Risk Management
  • Staff Productivity
  • Commission Recovery

Is data really that important to the procurement of meetings?  Absolutely.  Sourcing meetings, unlike airlines, hotels and rental cars, is a never-ending process. A good meetings buyer has 10-15 meetings in various stages of the scoping/sourcing/contracting phases.  These folks are constantly in the market, but can’t leverage their corporate spend without good data.

Getting hold of useful Meetings and Events data is about as fun as crawling through a cactus patch.  The data is scattered across procurement cards, T&E cads, travel agency reports, accounts payable records, and invariably in the memories of the meeting planners.

Not to worry…Peter Matthews and Kimberly Meyer, co-founders of this firm, have built the tools and processes that will find the data and get it whipped into useful shape.  Peter comes from the meetings technology side; Kimberly brings the meetings management and client services expertise.  Together, they’ve built a solid platform for delivering real value to anyone looking to procure and manage their meetings more successfully.

For more information, contact Kimberly Meyer at +1 773.348.5390 or

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