Air Sourcing Academy a Big Hit

The first-ever one-day workshop on airline sourcing was a big success!  About 70 delegates worked their way through the key success factors for sourcing this important spend category. NBTA‘s post-event survey measured two key factors:

The change in the level of understanding of airline sourcing (definitely improved, above), and the overall satisfaction with the event (quite high, below).

NBTA, the Chicago BTA chapter and the SwissHotel combined to produce a terrific event.  Matthew Patterson (CWT Air Solutions) and I led the group through a detailed view of modern sourcing techniques, while Dan MacKenzie (Hudson Securities) opened with an economic overview of the airline industry.

A small selection of slides we presented are here: Air Sourcing Academy Condensed v1.

NBTA and the Georgia BTA are hosting another Airline Sourcing Academy session in Atlanta on April 14th.  For anyone looking for additional travel procurement education, I’ll be teaching these NBTA-sponsored courses:

  • Travel Procurement, Los Angeles, March 9th
  • Hotel Sourcing Academy, Denver, May 17th
  • Travel Procurement, Phoenix, June 15th

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